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Good to know



More and more banks are also open on Saturdays until 14.00 o`clock. Usual opening times on weekdays are in almost all branches 10.00-17.00 o`clock. At ATMs, you normally get cash around the clock.

Deutsche Bahn / City-train
Döppersberg 37 | 42103 Wuppertal | Fund Service Hotline 0900/1990599 (0,59 Euro / min. From the German landline)

Emergency numbers in case of loss of debit or credit cards

For all type of cards: 116 116

Emergency Services
Emergency medical service: 310 031 (around the clock)
Fire Department: 11219240
Police: 110 (or 911)
Wheelchair service: 0180/1114747
Crisis line: 08001110111
Dental Emergency: 89004333

Getting there - by car

The highways from and to Berlin are now in good condition, between Berlin and Hannover (A2) even six lanes. However, especially on the ring road, there is often a traffic jam. Within the city, you should always expect construction sites. Berlin's streets are not always in good condition, so damage to paintwork by thrown up asphalt-particles are the order of the day.

Getting there - by train

The most comfortable way to travel is by train. Every hour, express trains (ICE and IC) from all over Europe are stopping at the railway stations Berlin-Spandau, Central Station and East Station. The new central station is regarded as Europe's largest train station and was opened in 2006. Travel Service: Phone 08001507090 | door-to-door baggage service: Phone 09001311211 (0,60 Euro/min.) | http://www.bahn.de

Getting there - by bus

From all major German cities and towns and other European countries, buses leave for Berlin often several times a week. The advantage: no annoying changing! However, the trips usually last longer than the train because usually, the buses hit the road in several places to take up or set off passengers. Berlin's central bus station (ZOB) is located in Charlottenburg, opposite to the exhibition grounds. Information-Phone: 3025361 | http://www.berlinlinienbus.de


Getting there - by plane
Two airports are currently open to visitors. Most machines arrive and start at the airport Tegel in the northwest of the city. From there, it's only fifteen minutes by express bus to the Kurfürstendamm. In Schoenefeld, charter machinery and machines to and from Eastern Europe are starting and landing. Tempelhof Airport is already closed. Schönefeld is currently rebuilt as a central airport. Tegel will be closed (from completion of Schönefeld on) just the same as Tempelhof, because they are both too closely adjacent to inhabited city. Airport Information: Phone: 01805000186 (0,14 Euro / min.) |


The area code for Berlin in Germany is 030.


Tempelhof | Platz der Luftbrücke 6 | Phone: 75600 | Subway (U6): Platz der Luftbrücke


The post offices in Berlin have usually open: Mon-Fri 08.00-18.00, Sat 08.00-13.00 o`clock. Outside these times, several late-night counters are open:

Post Office Charlottenburg

Mon-Sat 09.00-20.00 o`clock | Charlottenburg | Joachimstaler Str 7 | Subway (U2, U9): Zoologischer Garten

Post Office Center

Mon-Fri 06.00-22.00, Sat/Sun 08.00-22.00 o`clock | Center | Georgenstr. 12 | Subway (U6): Friedrichstrasse

Public Transportation

Fridays and Saturdays, almost all the subways are going around the clock, so even in the middle of the night. There, where no more underground is, night-bus shuttles assume the ride. The City-train runs normally until approximately 01.00 o`clock at night.
Public transport in Berlin is divided into three tariff-zones. A and B cover the entire city. C also ties the surrounding area, including Potsdam. Currently, a single ticket costs (A) 2.20 Euro, reduced 1.40 Euro, 6 Euro for a day pass. The rates have changed in the recent years, however, it is reasonable to inform in advance. BVG-Information-Phone: 19449 | http://www.bvg.de


The basic amount is 3 Euro, regular rate for distances up to 7 km: 1,58 Euro/km, from 7 km 1.20 Euro/km. Short distances up to 2 km, that last no longer than 10 minutes, 3.50 Euro per trip. Note: These rates apply only to taxes that are stopped on the open road.


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