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Eating & Drinking


Reservations are not possible: you must arrive early or wait at the bar until a table becomes free. The prime boiled beef is without equal, otherwise dominated by a Mediterranean-oriented new kitchen.

Opening hours: Daily (except Sat and Sun noon)
Address: Bismarckstraße 39a
Phone: 515 733
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (3, 4, 5, 12, 15): Friesenplatz

Brauhaus im Walfisch
Old Cologne favorite with deliciously prepared dining menu as well as local beer favorites. Try the beef cutlet or one of the well-cooked fish entrees and enjoy your local brew or glass of German wine. The city`s oldest brewery is located in a building dating from the early 17th century, the ambience is old world charming.

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 17.00 o`clock - late, Fri 15.00 o`clock - late, Sat-Sun 11.00 o`clock - late
Address: Salzgasse 13
Phone: 2577879
Web: http://www.walfisch.net
Getting there: Subway (1, 7, 9): Heumarkt

A little more urban? Nomes est omen, Salvatore Vinci is there for you! Typical solid italian dishes Agrigento style for an unbeatable price, in a typical Cologne middle class restaurant setting. For your own sake, bring some time along, the chef is slow, but definitally worth the wait. Parlare Italiano? Salvatore loves to chat. Karaoke and Italian dance nights are offered occasionally. Next Karaoke night on January 15th. 2011

Opening hours: -
Address: Venloer Straße 567
Phone: 945 36 46
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3, 4): Äußere Kanalstrasse

Früh em Veedel
Really there yet Cologne district atmosphere. Classics of the Rhinish cuisine are served. Chlodwigplatz 28 | Phone: 314 470 | buses 132, 133, U 6, 15, 16: ChlodwigplatzGrande MilanoGrande Milano presents wonderfully prepared fine Italian cuisine. Most dishes receive a touch of truffle shavings before they are served. The list of Italian wines is unparalleled.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.00-15.00 and 18.30-24.00, Sat 18.30-24.00 o`clock
Address: Hohenstaufenring 29
Phone: 242121
Web: http://www.ristorante-grande-milano.de
Getting there: Subway (9, 12, 15): Zülpicher Platz

Haxenhaus zum Rheingarten
Order your meal by the meter is announced here, so take the measuring tape with you. The food measures up, with flavorful bratwurst and refreshing Kölsch beer. There are great views along the Rhine, and the medieval atmosphere is unique, represented by actors, dressed in medieval garb. Reservations advantageous.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11.30-01.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-01.00 o`clock
Address: Frankenwerft 19
Phone: 2577966
Web: http://www.haxenhaus.de
Getting there: Subway (1, 7, 9): Heumarkt

Heising und Adelmann
Elevated urban ambience, relaxed and communicative atmosphere. Scene and Media Meeting with bar, large dining room and a secluded beer garden. Creative cross-cultural cuisine.

Opening hours: Daily, closed at lunchtime and Sun
Address: Friesenstr. 58-60
Phone: 1309424
Web: http://www.heising-and-adelmann.de
Getting there: Subway (3, 4, 5, 12, 15): Friesenplatz

Authentic Japanese cuisine. Lunch menus for 11 Euro. The sushi can also be arranged individually. Tip for communities table (3-4 people): the Japanese fondue pot.

Opening hours: Daily (except Sun, closed)
Address: Brüsseler Straße 12
Phone: 2404664
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (1, 7, 12, 15): Rudolfplatz

Le Merou in the Dom-Hotel
International hotel, guests refresh themselves at first-class cuisine in elegant architecture.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12.30-23:00 o`clock
Address: Domkloster 2a
Phone: 20240
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (5, 16, 18): Dom / Main station.

Legendary Appetizer Menu with seaweed salad and raw tuna with Misosauce. Also sushi and sashimi are excellent. Be sure to book!

Opening hours: Daily (except Sat-noon Sun-noon)
Address: Dürener Straße 89
Phone: 4000094
Web: http://www.nikko-koeln.de
Getting there: Bus (136, 146): Karl-Schwering-Platz

Paul's Restaurant
Excellent gourmet kitchen with local dishes, but specialized! Enclosed in the four course menu is a warm chocolate cake.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 18.30 o`clock
Address: Bülowstraße
Phone: 766839
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U 6, 12, 18): Flora Straße

All there is, is stew, and the best in town. The second helping of sauce is free.

Opening hours: Daily (except Sat and Sun evening)
Address: Fleischmengergasse 57
Phone: 239 471
Web: http://www.pusztahuette.de
Getting there: Subway (1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 16, 18): Neumarkt

This popular spot in the center of Cologne is an all-around favorite for casual dining in a relaxed and fun environment, also to strike up conversation with locals. The traditional menu changes daily and food choices are varied enough for any flavor or taste. Huge patio for beer and cocktails, at the weekend always full. Excellent service abounds. Business casual attire. Trendy audience from 20 to 40.

Opening hours (cafe, restaurant): Mon-Thu 12.00-01.00, Fri-Sat 12.00-02.00, Sun 10.30-01.00 o`clock (Mon-Sat); Noon-02.30 o`clock (Sunday), Kitchen: 12.00-22.30 o`clock
Address: Venloer Str. 40
Phone: 9529940
Web: http://www.stadtgarten.de
Getting there: Subway (U 3, 4, 5): Hans-Böckler-Platz

Zeit der Kirschen
Who is the murderer? During the meal "mystery dinner", you have to combine who is the murderer. Excellent Mediterranean fish and meat dishes, served in the beer garden. German language skills are advantageous!

Opening hours: Sat from 17:00 o`clock
Address: Venloer Str. 399
Phone: 9541906
Web: http://www.dzdk.de
Getting there: Subway (U 3, 4, 13): Ehrenfeldgürtel

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Benjamin_Kevtom says:

A chunk of Italy outside of Italy

Who would have known, that I found a piece of Italy outside of Italy. I love the Italian way of life, and especially the food. Therefore, I'd recommend paying the DaVinci a visit. As stated by Proserion the food takes for ever, but this restaurant can compete and sometimes outrun top-class Restaurants. Small hint: Order your beer yourself at the tab, they won't come for seconds.