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Don`t miss


Interested in real insiders? Nostalgia and the charm of an old factory building combines the Pempel-forter Herr Spoerl (Tussmannstraße 70
http://www.herr-spoerl.com). In the Shabby Chic (Wupperstr. 14 | www.shabbychic-duesseldorf.de), both is possible: dining and shopping antiques. Fill up (not only alcohol) is possible in the upper-class quarter Oberkassel, where you find an old fuel station under the pompous name Chateau Rikx (Belsenplatz 2 | behind the old station).

The "Königsallee" or "Kö" is well known as the shopping district in Germany. Instead of the usual tourist stuff you get from every German city, the "Kö" is completely different. It is noted for both the canal that runs along the boulevard's center, as well as for the luxury retail shopping venues located along its length. The Königsallee stretches from Karl-Theodor-Straße to the Landskrone, a peninsula in the central Hofgarten-lake. A variety of exclusive and expensive shops can be found on both sides of the waterway, as well as huge department stores and shopping complexes. The products available range from luxurious clothing to high-end electronics for audiophiles. Some of the most reputed jewelry shops, designer labels and galleries have their stores here, such as Cartier, Aigner, Lacoste, Eickhoff and many many more.

Quarter in Sight
In Flingern-Nord, a former working-class neighborhood with good old buildings, alleys and graffitis, is considered hot spot for creative young people, you find hot labels in small shops there in abundance (http://www.einkaufen-duesseldorf-flingern.de). In the living room- restaurant Vitale, you may make own pasta, besides dining (Ackerstr. 168b | http://www.vitaleonline.de). In the dance lounge Trinkhalle (Ackerstr. 144 (in the court) | http://www.trinkhalle-duesseldorf.de
), you can listen to grooves of soul and jazz in an atmosphere of the sixties and seventies.

Media Harbor
The former Rhine harbor has undergone a drastic transformation in the last two decades: where silos and warehouses used to form the skyline of the harbor district, today, there are building complexes designed by nationally and internationally renowned architects. The Medienhafen is home to about 300 companies, especially from the media and communications segments, fashion and architecture as well as art and culture. The harbor owes its special charm to the mix of new and old: the old quay walls, the steps and rail tracks of the old loading line have still been preserved and are today protected monuments.

Opening times: -
Address: Stadttor 1
Phone: 3003-429
Web: http://www.medienhafen.de/index.php
Getting there: Tram (704, 709): Stadttor

<img src="fileadmin/user_upload/Homepagefotos/Fotos für Unterseiten/28.jpg" height="282" width="425" alt="" /><br><br><br><br><br><br>

Düsseldorf's best ice cream parlor for more than 40 years. There are just a few varieties (chocolate, vanilla, stracciatella, walnut, lemon and strawberry). The ice is produced before the eyes of customers. Giant portions at very reasonable rates.

Opening hours: -
Address: Aachener Str 159
Phone: 153575
Web: -
Getting there: Tram (712): Südring

Do you love anonymity? Then, we have the right accommodations for you: for instance, no sign points out to the Stage 47 (Graf-Adolf-Str. 47 | http://www.stage47.de)
. The Lady Astor has a rather British style (Kurfürstenstr. 23 | http://www.sir-astor.de). Very charming and with a nice library is the Hanseat, also without notice (Belsenstr. 6 | www.hotel-hanseat.de).

Zum Schiffchen
Situated in the Old Town, the restaurant/brewery “Zum Schiffchen“ is the oldest restaurant of Düsseldorf. People from Düsseldorf, and also those just visiting, say it is a typical original Düsseldorf restaurant. Atmosphere, furniture and food are guarantors of originality as much as the blue-aproned “Köbesse“ - the waiters - who “celebrate“ their service with humor and the typical Düsseldorf dialect - to the great joy of guests and travel groups from other countries.

Opening hours: -
Hafenstraße 5
Phone: 132421
Web: http://www.brauerei-zum-schiffchen.de/zum-schiffchen-e.php
Getting there: Subway (U70, 74-79): Heinrich-Heine-Alle

Zum Uerige
In the brewery “Zum Uerige”, everything is about dark beer (Alt). It is Düsseldorf's cultural HotSpot. Of course, alongside the excellent beers, the Uerige also has the matching hearty nibbles on offer as well as specials of the day, that vary according to the season of the year. Every Saturday, the famous pea soup is served. Haxen (knuckles of pork) should be ordered in advance.

Opening hours:
Daily from 10.00 o`clock to midnight
Address: Berger Straße 1
Phone: 866990

Web: http://www.uerige.de/en/start/
Getting there: Tram (703, 706, 712, 713, 715): Benrather Straße

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