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Don`t miss


After work museum

Are you ready for culture after work? At some museums in Frankfurt, specifically tailored tours for professionals are offered. With aperitif and ambience, the Städel Werke presents changing and different exhibitions from seven centuries.

Note: closed from 2010-08-09 until 2010-10-27

Opening hours (from 28th Oct. 2010): Tue, Fri-Sun: 10.00-18.00 o`clock
Dürerstraße 2
Phone: 605098-0
Web: http://www.staedelmuseum.de
Getting there: Subway (U1, 2, 3): Schweizer Platz

Asian Nights
In Frankfurt, you find a lot of karaoke-bars in original Asian-design. For instance,
at the Bonsai Lounge , there is Thai Karaoke on every Thursday. At the bar, you get very special Asian cocktails!

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 12.00-15.00 and 18.00-01.00 o`clock, Fri 12.00-15.00 and 18.00-03.00 o`clock, Sat 12.00-03.00 o`clock, Sun 16.00-01.00 o`clock
Address: Große Friedberger Str. 43
Phone: 29802677
Web: http://www.bonsai-lounge.com
Getting there: Subway (U4, 5, 6, 7): Konstablerwache

Beach in the city
Are you in the mood for holiday-feeling? The Long Iceland Summer Club brings summer feeling in the city. On the roof of the car park, a pool and a magnificent view over Frankfurt is waiting for you.

Opening hours: 11.00-01.00 o`clock (again from April 2011)
Address: Car park “Börse”, Parking Deck 7 (Access: Kaiserhofstraße)
Phone: 29723596
Web: http://www.longislandlounge.de
Getting ther: Subway (U 6, 7): Alte Oper


Don`t miss the Gate05 in no case. Here, Jan Unnewehr sells everything for travelling, from sleeping glasses to culture bags. At the weekend, the district of Bornheim is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in town.

Opening hours: -
Address: Berger Straße 46
Phone: 25539441
Web: http://www.gate05.de/
Getting there: Subway (U4): Bornheim Mitte

The Goethe House and Goethe Museum is a must for any Frankfurt-tourists: the birthplace of the famous Frankfurter poet, which wrote Urfaust and Werther here.
Late Baroque housing and intellectual history are in the air between the timber walls. Next door, there's a small bookstore and the cozy restaurant "Dichtung und Wahrheit".

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-18.00, Sun 10.00-17.30 o´clock
Address: Großer Hirschgraben 23-25
Phone: 138800
Web: http://www.goethehaus-frankfurt.de/
Getting there: Subway (U1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Willy-Brandt-Platz

Limori Patisserie

Limori Atsuko has a sushi restaurant for some time past, and has now opened the first Japanese Patisserie in town. For offer are green tea cakes, bread rolls with sweet bean paste, Japanese teas, as well as French pastries, honey and jams.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09.00-19.00, Sat/Sun 10.00-19.00 o`clock
Address: Braubachstraße 24
Phone: 97768247
Web: http://www.artsiimori.com/
Getting there: Subway (U4, 5): Dom/Römer

Old Nikolai Church
Inside the great church, there are inter alia the gravestones of Siegfried zum Paradies und Katharina Nethada zum Wede. From the tower, you can hear each Wednesday from 12.30 bis 13.30 o`clock the chiming of 40 bells, beaten by a Japanese woman by hand.
The Old St. Nicholas Church is the only evangelical church in Frankfurt, which is open 365 days a year. Every first Wednesday of the month, there is a free guided tour at 17 o`clock. Every Thursday at 12 o`clock, there starts a Walking Tour with reference to the subject of church.

Opening hours: Daily 10.00-20.00 o`clock, Winter 10.00-18.00 o`clock
Address: Am Römerberg 9
Phone: -
Web: http://www.alte-nikolaikirche.de

Getting there: Subway (U 4, 5): Dom/Römer

Red Wing Shoes

How do you recognize a Frankfurter in a foreign land? At his Red Wings. The shoe store is the only European sales-subsidiary, solely dealing with the high-quality worker boots, which has now become cult. The shop has been transformed into a kind of boutique. No more logging atmosphere, but the shoes - even in women's sizes - are still the same. And they last for half a lifetime.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-19.00 o`clock
Address: Kornmarkt 6
Phone: 287773
Web: http://www.redwings.de/cms/index.php
Getting there: Subway (U 4, 5): Dom/Römer

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