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Eating & Drinking



The guys (Mike Fabian and Hannes Wittenburg) behind the stove cook meat only from organic farms. For vegetarians, there is also a small selection of pasta and potato dishes.
At noon, there are daily changing little things. Otherwise, the place is also ideal to watch football, listen to music or drink a beer.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11.30-01.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-02.00 o`clock (kitchen from 12.00-23.00 o`clock)
Address: Clemens-Schultz-Straße 41
Phone: 74203939
Getting there: Subway (U3): St. Pauli

Bodo's Bootssteg

Maybe it is the most beautiful place on the Alster. On the old Deckchairs, many people are enjoying their lunch break. Here, you are lying in the deck chair and can feel the Hanseatic awareness of life.

Opening hours: Daily (in winter only Sat/Sun)
Address: Bootssteg at Rabenstraße
Phone: 4103525
Web: -
Getting there: Bus (109): Böttgerstraße

Café Wien
Enjoy your cappuccino on a ship in the middle of the town. A light breaking of the waves lets holiday mood arise.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Ballindamm (on a boat)
Phone: 336342
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U1, 2): Jungfernstieg

Centro Lire

Whether in the morning, for cappuccino and panini, or for lunch/dinner, a good portion of Italian delicacies always guarantee a good time. The bright rooms are furnished very charming, full of cushions and flowers. The hearty crew cares for the welfare of the guests.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12.00-15.30 and 18.00-23.00 o`clock
Address: Karolinenstraße 12
Phone: 41359177
Getting there: Subway (U2): Messehallen

Cölln's Restaurant
Holger Urmersbach, a veteran of Hamburg, is offering a location with small rooms, table bell, original tiled walls and the “Bismarckroom”, where even the Iron Chancellor dined.

Opening hours: Daily (except
Address: Brodschrangen 1-5
Phone: 364153
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3): Rathaus

The Freudenhaus offers classic German cuisine, such as potato soup and Wiener schnitzel. The restaurant near the Reeperbahn is always well-attended. The atmosphere in the restaurant is always funny and charming.

Opening hours: Daily from 18.00 o`clock
Address: Hein-Hoyer-Straße 7-9
Phone: 40131758
Web: http://www.stpauli-freudenhaus.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3): St. Pauli

Le Canard Nouveau
Chef Ali Güngörmüs (crowned with a Michelin star) leads the beautiful house across the Elbe. By the way, it was built from Hamburg's senior star architect Meinhard von Gerkan, who has his office on the upper floors, its private house next door.

Opening hours: Closed Mondays, Sat/Sun only for dinner
Address: Elbchaussee 139
Phone: 88129531
Web: -
Getting there: Bus (36, 115): Hohenzollernring

Louis C. Jacob
Thomas Martin, called as the best chef in town, has a restaurant with splendid surroundings and a very solid hanseatic flair. In summer, you can enjoy the wonderful terrace with a view on the Elbe. Tipp: the luscious petits fours. Menu from 80 Euro.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Elbchaussee 401
Phone: 82255523
Web: -
Getting there: Bus (36): Sieberlingstraße

Mamma Mia
Locals say, this is the best Pizzeria of Hamburg. Cheap and very delicious pizzas. Please don`t abstain from the facade of the buidling.

Opening hours: -
Address: Barnerstraße 42
Phone: 3900386
Web: -
Getting there: City-train (S1, S2, S3, S11, S31): Hamburg-Altona

Little basement restaurant in the Karoviertel with very varied cuisine, from Mediterranean to Wiener Schnitzel. Cheap lunch-table.

Opening hours: Daily (Sat/Sun only in the evening)
Address: Turnerstraße 9
Phone: 434 123
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3): Feldstraße

A very special gourmet restaurant with a great kitchen in a trendy ambience of an old shoe store.

Opening hours: Daily (except 
Address: Neuer Pferdemarkt 5
Phone: 4397823
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3): Feldstraße

Restaurant Fischereihafen
Celebrities are regularly dining here, maybe because the fish is excellent. Ask for a window seat, and come by the ferry Hadag 62 (Dockland).

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11.30-22.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-22.30 o`clock
Address: Große Elbstraße 143
Phone: 381816
Getting there: Bus (383): Van-der-Smissen-Straße

This is where media makers and other young business people meet. It is restaurant, coffee-house and bar in one. Cool interior, international and modern kitchen and a great view of the Fleet is characterizing this location - guests appreciate this. Also fine selection of vines.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.00-15.00 (lunch-table), Mon-Sun 18.00-23.00 o`clock (dinner)
Address: Michaelisbrücke 3
Phone: 364342
Web: http://www.rialto-hamburg.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3): Rödingsmarkt

A restaurant with a broad variety of guests and interior out of the old TV tower. The cuisine offers modern and light food.

Opening hours: Evenings only, closed on Sundays
Address: Hafenstraße 136
Phone: 31794660
Getting there: Bus (112): St. Pauli


Top cuisine with a great view on the Elbe. Inside, there is an urban setting with the appropriate audience. Discreet and chic. Christian Rach cooks fanciful and magnificent.

Opening hours: Daily (closed Sundays, Saturdays only in the evening)
Address: Neumühlen 17
Phone: 892760
Web: http://www.tafelhaus-hamburg.de/
Getting there: Bus (112): Lawaetzhaus

For true connoisseurs, the "Wa-Yo" in the "Nippon Hotel" is the best and finest Japanese restaurant in town. Fine appetizers, as well as variations of traditional sushi and sashimi are convincing the guests. The interior is simple and elegant, with nice wooden tables between rice paper walls.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 18.00-24.00 o`clock (kitchen until 23.00 o`clock)
Address: Hofweg 75
Phone: 2271140
Web: http://www.nipponhotel.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3): Mundsburg

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