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Leisure & sports



Hamburg is well suited for reconnaissance trips by bike. There are many extended bike paths, so tours can be managed easily with children. Free transport of bicycles in the HVV (train service), at school vacations full-time, otherwise except Mon-Fri before 09.00 and 16.00-18.00 o`clock.
There are great tour suggestions at the ADFC info shop in St. Georg (Tue-Fri 10.00-17.00 o`clock | Koppel 34 | Phone: 393933 | Web: http://www.hamburg.adfc.de). Bicycle rental (ID required) at Deutsche Bahn, in the main station next to the travel center (from 10 Euro/day | Phone: 391850475 | Daily 07.00-22.00 o`clock); bicycle station Dammtor/Rothenbaum (from 3 Euro/day | Schlüterstraße 11 | Phone: 41468277
). There is also the free booklet "Hamburg mit dem Fahrrad erleben" available.

Fitness & Wellness

The large hotels have luxurious spa and sauna areas, which are usually also open to day visitors. Request is worth it. The Meridian Spa is popular.

Opening hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 07.00-23.00, Tue/Thu 09.00-23.00, Sat/Sun 09.00-22.00 o`clock
Fees: 16 Euro
Address: Quickbornstr.
Phone: 65891350
Web: http://www.meridianspa.de
Getting there: Subway (U3): Hoheluftbrücke


Hamburg's finest golf club is in cracks. Members of other clubs can play golf there on weekdays (Hamburger Golf-Club e.V. Falkenstein)

Opening hours: -
Address: In de Bargen 59
Phone: 812177
Web: -
Getting there: City-train (S1): Rissen

Other clubs at www.golfverband-hamburg.de

Boxing is announced, not only because Hamburg is a world champion city: Famous promoter is the Universum, where most of the athletes become stars. On the free training (Monday & Friday), everybody can watch the fighters.

Opening hours: -
Address: Am Stadtrand 27
Phone: 6965590
Web: http://www.boxing.de

Getting there: Subway (U1): Trabrennbahn

The latest thing in the sports- and health-clubs is manager-fighting (http://www.white-collar-boxing.de). Manager to Manager

There are offers from a simple trip up to the “Lichtertour” in the evening. The trips begin at the main station, exit Kirchenallee, and at the Landungsbrücken.
With a day ticket, you stop off and change at the stops.

Opening hours: 09.30-17.00 o`clock
(in summer), until 16.00 o`clock hourly (in winter)
Address: Kirchenallee
15 Euro
Getting there: Subway (U2): central station north

Enjoy the port with container ships and docks at the three-hour "Gigantentour".
Booking and passport/identity card required.

Opening hours: Sat/Sun (May to September also Fridays)
Address: Vorsetzen/œberseebrücke
Fees: 26 Euro
Phone: 22710610
Web: http://www.jasper-hamburg.de
Getting there: Subway (U3): Baumwall

Experience the city on the single axis of Segway scooters.
It looks spacey and definitely brings attention. From 48 Euro | 2.5 hours | Phone 47113300 | http://www.segway-citytour.de

Velo-Taxi: Young drivers in three-wheelers carry passengers through the city.
Apr-Oct | From 2,50 Euro | Phone: 0162/1089020 | http://www.trimotion.de


Magnificent spa culture offers the refurbished Holthusenbad in Winterhude, with wave pool, heated outdoor pool, sauna and spa.

Opening hours: Fri from 19.00 o`clock (with candlelight)
Address; Goernestr. 21
Phone: 188890
Web: http://www.baederland.de
Getting there: Subway (U1, U3): Kellinghusenstraße

Close to City Centre, towards the hospital St. Georg, there is the Alsterschwimmhalle with a 50-meter pool.

Opening hours: -
Address: Ifflandstraße 21
Phone: 188890
Geting there: Subway (U1, U2): Lübecker Straße

The Bartholomäus-Spa is the ideal place for anyone, who likes the quiet, relaxing atmosphere and a brand new feeling.
Because it is tailored to the needs of recreational seekers, children have no access.

Opening hours: Mon 15.00-23.00, Tue-Sat 10.00-23.00, Sun 10.00-22.00 o`clock (October-April), Mon 15.00-22.00, Tue-Sat 10.00-22.00, Sun 10.00-20.00 o`clock (May-September) | Thursdays: women`s sauna | Sat until 12.00 o`clock only sauna (without swimming/SPA)
Address: Bartholomäusstraße 95
Phone: 188890
Web: http://www.baederland.de/bad/bartholomaeus_therme.php
Getting there: Subway (U3): Hamburger Straße

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