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Eating & Drinking


Bar Sena

Offering nearly 300 cocktails, double-digit variants of long drinks and various types of beer, the noble Bar Sena is the hot spot of the southern part of Hanover. The daily Happy Hour from 5.00pm to 08.00pm is particularly popular. Every Sunday, Hanovers best Sushi is served here.

Music: Chillout, Mixed
From: 18-40 years
Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 17.00 o`clock
Albert-Niemann-Str. 11, 30171 Hannover
Phone: -
Web: www.bar-sena.eu

Getting there: Tram (1, 2, 8, 18): Geibelstraße

The kitchen of the Basil is well known for unusual arrangements from all over the world.
Quality is top priority, nothing is frozen, all ingredients are used fresh. The atmosphere is an attraction, situated in a former riding stable with a high arch and enormous chandeliers. The interior is modern, but still retains the grandeur of the past. Tip: try the inimitable cocktails.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 18.30-2.00 o`clock (during big fairs, also opened on Sundays)
Address: Dragonerstr. 30, 30163 Hannover
Phone: 622636
Web: http://www.basil.de/ind1024.html
Getting there: Tram (1, 2): Dragonerstraße


The Bolero attracts nearly all age groups during the day as well as particularly at night with its wide range of cocktails and Mexican-Mediterranean food. The philosophy is fair-minded trend gastronomy in price and performance. Daily Cocktail Happy Hour takes place from 17.00 - 19.00 o`clock. Smoker`s lounge available.

Music: Chillout
From: 18-50 years
Opening hours: Daily 17.00 o`clock - open end
Address: Nikolaistr. 3, 30159 Hannover
Phone: -
Web: http://www.bolerobar.de
Getting there: Tram (10, 17): Steintor

Carrots & Coffee

The vegetarian food here is always fresh and delicious. Vegetable spreads, great tomato sauce and dishes are also for take away. There are also lectures and cooking-demonstrations in the evening about healthy nutrition.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 08.00-21.00 o`clock
Address: Wedekindplatz 1, 30161 Hannover
Phone: 8489871
Web: http://www.carrotsandcoffee.de/
Getting there: Tram (3, 7, 9): Lister Platz


The „Centrum“ is the centre of the district Linden. In trendy rooms in the style of the sixties and seventies, culinary delicacies are served and accompanied by sounds of DJs until late night. During summer, it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the Lindener marketplace.

Music: Indie Rock, Pop, Electro, Soul
From: 20-50 years
Opening hours: Daily from 10.00 - open end, Thu+Sat from 08.00 - open end

Address:Lindener Marktplatz 3, 30449 Hannover

Phone: -

Web: http://www.centrum-hannover.de


During the day, the Cosy is a coffee bar offering delicious drinks, tasty ciabattas, several sorts of pasta, salads and changing daily specials. At night, the Cosy is a modern interpretation of a trattoria.

Music: Mixed, Chillout
From: 18-45 years
Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 11.00-24.00, Sun from 18.00-24.00 o`clock
Address: Boedeker Str. 46, 30161 Hannover
Web: http://www.restaurant-cosy.com

Die Insel (The Island)

The Island, located at the banks of the Maschsee, is one of the best restaurants in Hanover.
The guests enjoy a magnificent view, especially on the terrace. The kitchen creates the most exquisite dishes. The cart also offers an appreciated wine list, with the largest selection of Bordeaux wines in all of Lower Saxony. The stylish atmosphere, especially the new ballroom is worth a visit.

Opening hours: Daily 11.30-14.30 (kitchen), Daily 14.30-17.00 (coffee and cake), 18.30-22.30 o`clock (kitchen)
Rudolf-von-Bennigsen Ufer 81, 30519 Hannover
Phone: 831214

Web: http://www.dieinsel.com/index0.htm
Getting there: Tram (1, 2, 8, 18) Altenbekener Damm

The Excalibur is an event-restaurant and shifts the guests t
o the Middle Ages with all habits and customs. Here, the beverages are served in mugs and for dining, you got only a knife, because in the Middle Ages, the fork was finally a tool of the devil. The meal is very rustic with grilled chicken and dips. Please call for reservation


Opening hours: -
Address: Rathausplatz 15, 30539 Hannover
Phone: 525655

Web: http://www.excalibur-hannover.de/
Getting there: Subway (U6): Brabeckstraße

The idea is to create an area, where coffee culture, bar and lounging merge to provide a harbor in the middle of the cityscape. The heimW located in the heart of Hanover and still apart from the daily routine wins over by its wide range of food and drinks.

Music: Chillout
From: 9-60 years
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun from 10.00-01.00, Fri-Sat from 10.00-02.00 o`clock
Address: Theaterstraße 6, 30159  Hannover
Phone: -
Web: http://www.heim-w.de

Getting there: Tram (10, 17): Thielenplatz, Schauspielhaus

Little Italy
There is always something going on at the Little Italy. The fine restaurant offers nice food during lunch time and delicious dinner until long after midnight. The outdoor terrace invites to party and dance during summer.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun from 11.00 - open end, kitchen open all day
Goethestr.  11-13, 30159  Hannover
Web: http://www.little-italy-hannover.de

Getting there: Tram (10, 17): Goetheplatz

Mini Bar
The Mini Bar is a pretty popular venue of the gastronomy in Hanover. The guests will enjoy a pleasant coffee bar with delicious muffins and bagels during the day time. In the evening, the bar changes to a place with exotic cocktails and a pulsative music mix.

Music: Mixed
From: 18-45 years
Opening hours: Daily for 24 hours
In Thielenplatz  2, 30159  Hannover
Phone: -
Web: http://www.smartcityhotel.com

Outbax Spirit

When kangaroo fillet with sweet potato and pumpkin puree, or medallions of camel is served, real bush-feeling is arising. The chef is not only fan of Australia, but also an honorary member of the Australian Culinary Federation of New South Wales.
Also the Australian beer is recommended.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 17.00-open End, 17.30-22.00 o`clock (kitchen)
Address: Groß-Buchholzer Kirchweg 68, 30655 Hannover
Phone: 578251
Web: http://www.outbaxspirit.de/

Getting there: Subway (3, 7, 9): Buchholz/Noltemeyerbrücke

The meeting-point of party animals of all semesters. Lifestyle meets flirt, cocktails meets salsa and colorful meets fresh. You are going to enjoy fresh cocktails - at the bar, in the cocktail garden and in the nightlife scene.

Music: Mixed
From: 18-40 years
Opening hours: Sun-Thu. from 17.00-01.00, Fri, Sat from 17.00-02.00 o`clock
Osterstr.  38, 30159 Hannover
Phone: -
Web: http://www.sausalitos.de
Getting there: Tram (3, 7, 9): Markthalle

Spandau Projekt

Here in this disused furniture store from the fifties, which has been restored in the retro-style, you can find gastronomic treats. A cellar club and a separate smoker-gallery complete the concept on three levels.

Music: Electro- and guitar-pop, Lounge & live
From: 20 years
Opening-hours: Mon-Fri from 12.00pm , Sat + Sun from 10.00pm
Engelbosteler Damm 30, 30167  Hannover
Phone: -
Web: http://www.spandauprojekt.de
Getting there: Tram (6, 11): Kopernikusstraße

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