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Something different


Galerie Hotel Leipziger Hof

This comfortable, centrally located hotel in a traditional district is also a gallery. In each of the 72 rooms and four suites, Prof. Dr. Klaus Eberhard, hotelier and art collector, presents a few pieces from his extensive private collection. The collection includes big names and also a number of young or unknown artists of Leipzig. Guided tour of the collection are held every Friday at 17.00 clock. Individual tours are available upon request.
In summer, there is a barbecue evening for the hotel guests every Friday and Saturday from 18 o`clock in the beer garden.

Opening hours: -
Address: Hedwigstraße 1-3
Phone: 69740
Getting there: Tram (1, 3, 8): Einertstraße

Hotel Precise Accento

In this hotel, the emphasis is being placed on questions of style. Even in the bright entrance hall, the individual concept of the privately-run hotel is shown by a fresh design and a funny atmosphere: a colorful alternative to the usual chain hotels.
For trade fair visitors, this hotel is perfectly situated near the new exhibition grounds and the motorway.

Opening hours: -
Adress: Tauchaer Straße 260
Phone: 92620
Web: http://www.precisehotels.com/index.php?id=1235

Getting there: Bus (81, 82): Wodanstraße

Here, in an old gasometer, you enjoy a gigantic panorama. The visitors view street scenes in the late ancient Rome in a day of the year 312 A.D from a platform. It is a spatial illusion, which is created by printed fabric (106 x 31 meters) from the artist Yadegar Asisi.

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 09.00-19.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-20.00 o`clock
Fees: 9 Euro
Address: Richard-Lehmann-Straße 114
Web: -
Getting there: Tram (9): A.-Hoffmann-/R.-Lehmann-Straße

Party all night
The BOUNCE87 is a synonym for black music and hip hop at its finest since 2001.
From the hottest club DJ's from Germany and the United States to national
and international "premium" RAP acts like Kool Savas, Olli Banjo, PRINZ PI ..., CAMP LO, MASTER ACE, or JADAKISS. Just go on the dance floor, surrender to the rhythm and forget time.

Opening hours: -
Address: Nikolaistraße 12-14
Phone: 1496687
Getting there:  
Tram (1, 3, 4, 7, 9-16): Main station

Sol y Mar
Take off your shoes before dining. In this trendy location, you are dining in lying position.
The highlight of the restaurant, bar and lounge are the exceptional slabs, on which one relaxes and unwinds in a sunny atmosphere with chill-out sounds. The gastronomic offer consists mainly of Mediterranean and Eurasian food. Influences from Italy, Spain and Asia dominate. A special wellness and Bio-food is offered to health and nutrition conscious guests.

Opening hours: Daily from 09.00 o`clock (Business Lunch: Mon-Fri 11.00-15.00 o`clock)
Address: Gottschedstraße 4
Phone: 9615721
Web: http://www.solymar-leipzig.de/
Getting there: Tram (9), Bus (89): Thomaskirche

Time for romance
Are you ready for a moonlight ride in a vintage bus? Enjoy the lights of the city during the guided tour. The highlight is waiting at the end. There you go on Leipzig's highest platform on Leipzig`s highest panorama platform. Enjoy the view by a glass of champagne.

Opening hours: From 19.00 o`clock
Address: Goethestraße/Richard-Wagner-Straße (towards the east side of the central station)
Phone: 4929956 (registration required)
Web: http://www.saechsische-oldtimer-busflotte.com/mondscheinfahrt.htm
Fees: 19,50 Euro
Getting there:  
Tram (1, 3, 4, 7, 9-16): Main station

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