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Don`t miss


Augustiner Keller

As a non-Munich, it is easily possible to put one`s foot in it. So don`t take place at one of the many round tables takes before you know, that it is reserved as a regulars` table. The "Augustiner-Keller” is the most typical Munich beer garden. It is located next to the Bayerischer Rundfunk, near the city center. Old chestnut trees donate shadow to almost any of the 5,000 seats! As in all beer gardens, you are allowed to bring your own food (but no drinks!).

Opening hours: Daily 11.30-24.00 (beer garden), 10.00-01.00 (restaurant), 16.00-01.00 o`clock (wine cellar)
Arnulfstraße 52
Getting there: Subway (U1, U2, U4, U5): Central Station


The "Baader" is an institution. A few years ago, guests were asked whether they would change the Baader visually. At that time, they say:
Do not! Everything should remain as it is, and so, the crew only painted the walls. Why the café is so successful? The Baader is an all-rounder. During the day, suitable for reading a newspaper and later on, the best basis for a nice evening. Sometimes, DJs are playing. Style: House and Ambient. The brunch on Sundays and the Italian antipasti are popular (reservations for brunch are essential).

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10.00-01.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-02.00 o`clock
Address: Baaderstraße 47
Phone: 2010638
Web: http://www.baadercafe.de/
Getting there: Subway (U1, U2): Fraunhoferstraße


The female symbol of Bavaria is situated on a hill above the Theresienwiese, home of the Oktoberfest. Built in 1850 by Ludwig I, the cast-iron lady awakes over the Hall of Fame in the background, in honor of Bavarian personalities. The construction of the 18 meter high statue was considered as a technical masterpiece; today, you have a unique view from the observation deck in the Bavaria-Kopf a unique view on the diagonally opposite St. Paul's Church. |

Opening hours: April until 15th Oct, daily 9.00-18.00 o`clock, during the Oktoberfest daily 9.00-20.00 o`clock
Address: Theresienwiese
Web: -
Fees: 3 €
Getting there: Subway (U 4/5): Theresienwiese

Beck am Rathauseck

The department store with a difference: At Beck, there are in addition to popular quality-collections and a really big stocking- and button-unit also model-pieces out of the hand of young designers on six floors. Unique selection and deals in the CD department for classical, jazz and ethnic music. Right next to the main building is the entrance to the bookstore "Poetry and Truth", where exquisite wines and literature are offered and renowned authors present their works.

Opening hours: -
Address: Marienplatz 11
Phone: -
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U 3/6): Marienplatz

Dirndl meets Fashion

The Munich Oktoberfest is the fifth season for the Bavarians. If you are in the mood and want to wear suitable clothes, like leather pants or dirndl, you get affordable ones
in the precious store Loden-Frey.

Opening hours: -
Address: Maffeistraße 7
Phone: -
Web: http://www.lodenfrey.de
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz


After work, the blessed Munichs are bustling in the largest urban park in the world: the English Garden - also referred to as “e-garden”. Dozens of sports teams meet there every free minute, to play football or for unusual sports, from rugby and baseball to juggler-acrobatics. The Isar-Auen were renatured in the past years and have become the endless City Beach since then.

Really means "Cathedral of Our Lady" and is the Episcopal church of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising. It is longer than a football field (109 feet), holds 2,000 people and is with her two bulbous domes on the towers (the south tower is 1m shorter by 99 m) the symbol of the city. It is visible from the southern and western access roads (motorways between Munich-Garmisch and Nymphenburgerstraße) almost from the outskirts. That reflects to an old law, which says, that this view may not be spoiled. The late gothic building stands out for its clear, almost rigid structure. A tower driveway belongs to a permanent visitor program.

Opening hours (Driveway) April-Oct.: Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00 o`clock
Address: Frauenplatz 1
Phone: -
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

The district along the Isar became an absolute scene spot. At the Gärtnerplatz, the inhabitants of Munich display, especially on summer evenings and weekends, how they style and live casually: All kind of people can be seen here - everybody in his own fashion. At the early evening, a nic place for instance is the organic restaurant Kranz (Hans-Sachs-Str. 12 | www.daskranz.de). Furthermore, there are some beautiful spots for bar-hopping: from the Lizard Lounge (Corneliusstr 34) via the Netzer & Overrath (Baaderstr 33) towards Hey Luigi (Holzstr 29 | www.heyluigi.de). In-drink: Munich Mule - a mix of vodka, ginger ale and cucumber-sticks!

Munich's oldest museum. King Ludwig I. famous ancient library opened its doors in 1830, a synthesis of the arts in superlatives: a particularly spectacular collection of sculptures in Europe in one of the most important neoclassical buildings in Germany. Most of the exhibited works are true copies.
The museum, built of Leo von Klenze (1784-1864) in the style of an Ionic temple, accommodates Greek and Roman sculptures of 6th Century BC to the fourth Century after Christ. A tour through the 13 rooms of the house is really worth, but you should be limited in each case on a few individual items. In the courtyard of the Glyptotek is a hidden idyll in Munich's city bustle: a café under trees and between winegrowing museum walls, which invites for dreaming and creative working.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00, Thu 10.00-20.00 o`clock
Address: Königsplatz 3
Phone: -
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U2): Königsplatz
Fees: € 3.50

The Hofbräukeller is located on a hill near the banks of the Isar, directly at the Wiener Platz. High chestnut trees provide shade. The entertainment value at the Hofbräukeller is very high, because of the waiters. Long waiting times are the order of the day, but also t
he beer garden is one of the friendliest and most beautiful in the city. To whom it still takes too long: There is also a self-service part.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-24.00 o`clock
Address: Innere Wiener Straße 19
Phone: 459925-0
Web: http://www.hofbraeukeller.de/
Getting there: Subway (U4, U5): Max-Weber-Platz

It`s all about hair!
The way to the hairdresser in Munich has anything more to do with the old cliché “Washing, setting, blow-waving”. Partially, the hairdresser density in Munich is as high as in any other city in the world. Thus, diversification is announced: Today`s hairdressers have a lot of offerings, to provide a suitable environment for the stylish clients. After a cut in the Bash Club (Sendlinger Str 45 | www.bash-club.de
) the scene is chilling in the in-house spa. In the cutting-room, the eye is relaxed too: the new look there's in a chocolate-colored interior design (Barerstr. 55 and | Thalkirchner Str. 1 | http://www.schnittraum-muenchen.de).

Käfer Schänke

Rarely, tourists come to the restaurant, but it is worth a visit.
The food is exquisite. The menu ranges from pike to the French pigeon in truffle cream sauce. Celebrate undisturbed in a personal, private atmosphere in the 12 Käfer Stuben (separate rooms). The chefs offer the perfect menu for any occasion.

Opening hours: -
Address: Prinzregentstraße 73
Phone: 4168247
Web: http://www.feinkost-kaefer.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Münchner Lustspielhaus
The offerings vary from musical renditions stand-up comedy and concert-performances. Top-class cabaret in plush surroundings and with many cult figures out of Bavarian (German language skills are advantages): “Isarindianer” Willy Michl, political cabaret Asül Django or the good old Spider Murphy Gang. German language-skills are advantageous.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Occamstraße 8
Phone: 344 974
Web: http://www.lustspielhaus.de
Getting there: Subway (U 3/6): Münchner Freiheit


The Munich Olympic Park has become a worldwide revolutionary example of contemporary architecture. The architectural company “Behnisch und Partner” set on the archaic principle of the tent construction. The roof lines are dominated by the 291-meter high Olympic Tower (admission 4 Euro). From 09.00-24.00 o`clock, the lifts are running and the revolving restaurant up there (with respectable kitchen) is in operation.
The center of the site is the 80.000 visitors containing stadium. Previously, this was the venue of FC Bayern and TSV 1860, who are now home in the Allianz Arena since 2005. Since then, there is a look for alternative uses of the stadium. One was found in the Air & Style, an international snowboard competition, which always takes place in early December in the Socca Five Arena (Phone: 30672137 | www.olympiapark-soccafive.de). The two-hour mountain tour over the tent roof advanced to the highlight of the site (Apr-Oct | Phone 30672414 | 35 €). In the Theatron (at the Olympic lake), there are free pop concerts held in the summer (
www.olympiapark-muenchen.de). U 3, Bus 51/173/174 Olympia Center | Bus 50 Olympia-Eisstadion

Schumann`s Bar
The "Schumann`s Bar” is legendary. From around the world, they come to order one of the best drinks. The "Schumann`s" is not as noble as visitors initially believed. But it is “
The bar”, not only in Munich!

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-03.00, Sat-Sun 18.00-03.00 o`clock
Address: Odeonsplatz 6+7
Phone: 229060
Web: http://www.schumanns.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Odeonsplatz

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