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Eating & Drinking



In the north of the English Garden you find a cool place under the beautiful trees. Just a stone's throw (two metro stops) away is the Allianz-Arena.

Opening hours: Closed Mondays, in the summer daily
Address: Sondermeierstr. 1
Phone: 325 224
Web: http://www.aumeister.de
Getting there: Subway (U6): Studentenstadt, than 15 minutes by foot

Boettners Restaurant
The interior and the cuisine of this upscale restaurant, owned by the family of Hugo Boettner, have one thing in common: both relies on tried and trusted.
Chef Frank Hartung offers classic cuisine with chosen ingredients, such as lobster, crayfish, or veal tenderloin. Different menus and corresponding wines are available.

Opening hours: -
Pfisterstraße 9
Phone: 221210
Getting there:
Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Buffet Kull-Bar
The Rudi Kull has a simple elegance, comfortable and discreet appearance. The food is excellent, affordable and served on flowered tablecloths (made of wax). The restaurant is located directly in the City, just minutes from Marienplatz.
Reservations are essential!

Opening hours: Daily 18.00-01.00 o`clock
Address: Marienstraße 4
Phone: 221509
Getting there:
Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Café Tambosi

Munich`s oldest, continuous operated coffee-house with an amazing view on Odeon Square, Feldherrnhalle, Theatinerkirche and the Studio of stylist Gerhard Meir. The cafe has also a secluded garden and a wonderful restaurant, p
robably the coziest of the city. Also suitable for breakfast.

Opening hours: Daily 07.30-01.00 o`clock
Address: Odeonsplatz 18
Phone: 298322
Getting there:
Subway (U4, U5): Odeonsplatz

Up to six o`clock in the morning, you get unusual food right from the grill at the Cosmogrill. For instance „Wasabi-Tuna Burger“ or a „Bio-Currywurst“. On weekends, the shop attracts a brisk run and the atmosphere is relaxed pleasant.

Opening hours: Mon-Wed 11.00-03.00 o`clock, Thu-Sat 11.00-06.00 o`clock
Maximilianstr. 10
Phone: -
Getting there: Subway (U3/4/5/6): Odeonsplatz

Franziskaner Fuchsenstuben

Venerable restaurant, where the best Weißwürscht are served for breakfast. Recommended: sucking pig, roasted in malt beer.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Perusastr. 5
Phone: 231812
Web: -
Getting there: Tram (19): Theatinerstraße

Geisel's Vinothek

At Geisel`s Vinothek, Mediterranean cuisine is served, even at quite reasonable prices. 400 wines are on the menu of the wine shop (which is part of the Hotel Excelsior).

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Schützenstr. 11
Phone: 55137140
Web: http://www.geisel-hotels.de

Getting there: Subway (U1, U2): Central station


The chef de cuisine was ship`s cook at marine researcher Jacques Cousteau. Besides the Mediterranean, he also has a neck for spicy Creole cuisine.

Opening hours: Daily (except Sunday)
Address: Dreimühlenstr. 25
Phone: 776 959
Web: http://www.makassar.de
Getting there: Bus (152): Ehrengutstrasse, Bus (131): Röcklplatz

It`s a beer garden, where variants of Asian cuisine are served. Outside, you sit under chestnut-trees, inside it is a Japanese and a Thai restaurant, as well as a cocktail bar. The Mangostin is highly regarded within Munich`s gastronomic scene.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Maria-Einsiedel-Str. 2
Phone: 7232031
Web: http://www.mangostin.de

Getting there: Subway (U3): Thalkirchen


The funniest Japanese of Munich, who actually is a Bavarian. Here you get Sashimi with Weißbier and from time to time live Bavarian music.

Opening hours: Daily

Address: Wörthstr. 7
Phone: 4484095
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U5): Ostbahnhof, Tram (15, 19, 25): Wörthstraße

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
The Nuremberg "Rostbratwürst`l” are very famous. They are grilled over an open beechwood fire. The "Bratwurstglöckl" was once the second home of Karl Valentin. The many tourists love the place because of its rustic interior with the old wood paneling and rustic tables. Also recommended is the freshly tapped beer from the barrel.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-01.00, Sun 10.00-23.00 o`clock
Address: Frauenplatz 9
Phone: 291945-0
Web: http://www.bratwurst-gloeckl.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz


Always full and full announced. At the Rubico, you get finely decorated and prepared food - mostly Mediterranean, but also Italian- and French-inspired, always with a touch of originality. Go there for dinner and enjoy the light works, which develop their full effect then.

Opening hours: Daily (except Sun and Mon)
Address: Klenzestr. 62
Phone: 20207828
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U 1/2): Fraunhofer Straße


Quality at fair prices. Café, wine tavern and shop under one roof. Here, the established artist enjoys his breakfast besides the student. Enjoy the roof terrace in summer.

Opening hours: Daily (except Mon)
Address: Orffstr. 22
Phone: 161 160
Getting there: Subway (U1): Rotkreuzplatz


The café (with the fully glazed bridge at the height of 60 m between the skyscrapers of the Telecom Center) offers a breathtaking view over Munich and sometimes up to the Alps.

Opening hours: Daily 9.30-17.00 o`clock
Address: Dingolfinger Str. 7
Phone: -
Web: http://www.skylounge-munich.de

Getting there: City-train (S2/4/6/8): Leuchtenbergring

Weisses Brauhaus

Typical Bavarian inn. The waitresses are very fast and the bread dumplings are the most heavenly on earth.

Opening hours: Daily
Address: Tal 7
Phone: 290138
Web: -
Getting there:
Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Far away from the usual Asian snacks is the "Yum2Take". It is a popular place to start the evening. The meat is from organic farmers, the vegetables from the region and the herbs from Thailand. Self service!

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11.00-23.00, Sun 15.00-23.00 o`clock
Address: Sebastiansplatz 8
Phone: 66063613
Web: http://www.yum2take.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

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