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Something different


15 Minutes of Fame

Desire for self-projection? 45 Minutes of fame are guaranteed to all who want to sing, read, or dance on Wednesdays. Reservation necessary!

Opening hours: -
Address: Friedenstr. 10
Phone: 01753748756
Web: http://www.salon-erna.de
Getting there: Subway (U5): Ostbahnhof

Breakfast for early riser
The seller of the adjacent Viktualienmarkt strengthen at the Café “Schmalznudel” along with leftover revelers. The mix of the audience is as delicious as the legendary Schmalznudeln.

Opening hours: -
Address: Prälat-Zistl-Str. 8
Phone: 26023156
Web: -
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Dining like the Romans
Extra-decadent for once please! After the hard beer-bank, the couch-landscapes in the “Nektar” feel very well. While dining horizontally, Ivan (the master of ceremonies) leads through the evening. He is entertainment pure (reservation necessary)! Menu for 54 €.

Opening hours: Daily (except Mondays)
Address: Stubenvollstr. 1
Phone: 45911311
Web: http://www.nektar.de
Getting there: Subway (U4, 5): Max-Weber-Platz

Here, Chocoholics find the finest chocolates and chocolate mountains in the form of aircrafts from the forties, or as old-fashioned flower brooches. It is
shop and chocolate-bar in one and furthermore the latest address for handmade chocolate, sardines in chocolate out of the can and drinking chocolate in every imaginable flavor variations - from peppers via cinnamon to cardamom. You can also sit in front of the shop at small tables and taste the delicacies, together with a cup of chocolate.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.00-19.00, Sat 09.00-18.00 o`clock
Jahnstraße 30
Phone: 23887374
Web: http://www.goetterspeise.info

Getting there: Subway (U1, U2): Fraunhoferstraße

Hang out with adrenalin
Now an expedition of extra-class is in line-up: on the tent roof of the stadium you walk on two legs, however, but for the way down rope down is announced. An absolute kick, because the descent on the lawn is about 40 feet, free-running on a rope!

Opening hours: -
Address: Olympiazentrum
Phone: 30672414
Web: http://www.olympiapark-muenchen.de
Getting there: Subway (U3): Olympiazentrum

Here, you get the legendary “Mass” of beer. The ambience is typical Bavarian. At the Hofbräuhaus, concerts and musical events take place regularly. Visit the most famous pub in the world and discover the world of traditional Bavarian music and the famous Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit.”

Opening hours: -
Address: Platzl 9
Phone: -
Web: http://www.hofbraeuhaus.de
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Marienplatz

Kunst und Spiel
For over 50 years, there is this toy business. It offers a unique selection of toys, literature and crafts programs in the spirit of Waldorf education. Two floors are inviting the children for exploring and for trying out the toys. All toys, literature and craft programs are very close to the Waldorf pedagogy. In addition, the house offers crafts courses. Incidentally, not only children like to browse the shelves.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09.30-19.30, Sat 09.30-18.00 o`clock
Address: Leopoldstraße 48
Phone: 3816270

Web: http://www.kunstundspiel.de/site/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): Giselastraße

Lost in Space

Take a deep breath and relax - now it is getting cozy and pleasant. Gathering strength for the evening is nowhere better than in the Float, the giant bath capsule with 550 liters of seawater
(reservation necessary).

Opening hours: -
Address: Tal 43
Fees: 45 Euro (45 minutes)
Phone: 23540870
Getting there: City-train (S1-4, S6-8): Isartor


If you are looking for local commodities in a contemporary design, go to Muji. The Japanese department store, with a sales area of 700 square meters in the most chic shopping arcade of the city, is the largest of all Muji lifestyle-stores in Europe. Muji means "no brand, good products and the perfect balance between quality and price".

Opening hours: -
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 11
Phone: 208039710

Web: http://www.muji.eu/
Getting there:
Subway (U3, U6): Odeonsplatz


Here you can live comfortably in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. It offers a mixture of English colonial times in the famous “Glockenbachviertel”. 38 rooms

Opening hours: -
Address: Hans-Sachs-Str. 4
Phone: 231890
Fax: 23189199
Web: http://www.hotel-olympic.de
Getting there: Subway (U 1/2): Fraunhoferstraße

Pommes Boutique

Fries are always eaten with pleasure. When you like it more special, go to the stylish Pommes Boutique, where you get Belgian fries. They are supposed to be the best and you get them with lots of sauces. Small dishes are also available, but most of the guests come here because of the really delicious potato sticks. Regulars mix their selves own creations from different sauces at the counter.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-22.00, Sun 12.00-20.00 o`clock
Address: Amalienstraße 46
Phone: 95473312

Web: http://www.pommesboutique.de/
Getting there: Subway (U3, U6): University

Rickshaw-tour to the E-Garden
Let a trained guide put the pedal to the metal and get a seat in the rickshaw! In 30 minutes, it goes past the major attractions to the English Garden. Get out, chill in the sun or take a bath.

Opening hours: -
Address: Marienplatz
Fees: 18,50 Euro per person
Web: http://www.rikscha-mobil.de
Getting there (U3, U6): Marienplatz

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