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proserion: Your gate to successful exhibitions
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Fairsticks FAQ


1. Fees (cancellation, overdraft, shipment etc.)
2. Hard- & Software
3. Payment process
4. Shipment
5. Tariff
6. Rental period
7. Signal reception

1. Fees (cancellation, overdraft etc.)

How can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order at any time, but only before it is shipped.

Cancellation should be advised to customer service. The following charges are taken in case of cancellation:


a) Above 6 months before delivery date:

25% of the invoice price

b) 3-6 months before delivery date:

50% of the invoice price

c) 1-3 months before delivery date:

75% of the invoice price

d) Below 1 month before delivery date:

100% of the invoice price


What about the shipment costs (FairRentals)?


Regular delivery (within 2-4 business days)

Free shipping

Express delivery (the next day):


Express delivery plus (12pm):


Express delivery plus (10am):


Express delivery plus (09am):


What if I return the equipment late?

After your rental period has ended and you haven`t returned it yet, you will automatically be charged the daily rate (25 Euro per Fairstick, 35 Euro per Fairrouter/Fairbook/Fairphone). There are no additional penalties or late fees, but you have to give us a short message. If you do not contact us, the access will be disabled after 3 working days and the purchase amount (see question “Is there a deposit?”) will be taken in full amount. In case you rent a cell phone,  it will be turned off remotely. A buy-out is impossible.

What if the equipment arrives late (after selected arrival date)?

In case, the equipment arrives late (by guaranteed delivery), the customer has two possibilities:

1. Resign the contract (only possible by not accepting the delivery)

2. Receive 30% discount (only possible, if time of delivery can be proofed)

What if I exceed the volume of the included data?

If you exceed the inclusive volume of the 5 gigabyte plan, only the speed will be reduced on max. 64 kBit/s (no additional costs). If you exceed the inclusive volume of the 30 gigabyte plan, additional costs apply (25 Euro net per additional gigabyte).

2. Hard- & Software

How do I know the equipment will work when I receive it?

All the equipment is extensively tested from us before it is shipped out. We make sure, that you receive fully activated and properly functioning equipment.

Is there software to install?
You have to install software for the equipment (only Fairstick). But it is very easy. The installer for the software is directly pre-installed on the hardware and starts (usually) automatically, once the equipment is connected to your computer. You needn`t change any preferences, everything is ready for use. Just follow the installation-instructions.

Note: Please be sure, that you are well informed about your computer system. You may need administrative rights for your operating system, to allow the software to modify the network settings (only Fairstick). 


3. Payment process

Is there a deposit?

No deposit is taken! But if you don`t send back the equipment (or parts are missing/damaged), we will charge a purchase amount for the equipment (200 Euro per Fairstick and 500 Euro per Fairrouter/Fairbook/Fairphone)!

How can I pay?
The common pament-method in our shop is via credit card. Please note, that some countries are blacklisted by our payment processor. In case, you can not finalize an order, please contact us.

4. Shipment

What about free shipping?

The free shipping service means, that you do not pay for regular shipping (there and back) within Germany. For the returning, you get a prepaid mailer with your equipment. If you choose express-shipping, you have to pay additional charges (according to method).

What about the different delivery-methods?

The normal delivery will take place from Monday till Saturday. Express-Deliveries will take place from Monday till Friday.


Orders placed by 1:00 PM/CET can be shipped the same day and arrive by


a) Regular delivery:

Within 2-4 working days

b) Express delivery:

The next day

c) Express plus delivery (12pm):

The next day until 12:00pm

d) Express plus delivery (10am):

The next day until 10:00am

e) Express plus delivery (09am):

The next day until 09:00am


If an order is placed after 1:00 PM/CET, a punctual delivery-time (according to the method) cannot be guaranteed! Please consider this, by choosing the right delivery-method for your order.

What about the delivery-time at the selected day?

Deliveries usually take place between Monday and Saturday (Express: between Monday and Friday). The time of the delivery at the selected (delivery-) day is depending on the route of the carrier (here: DHL). Proserion can not promise any delivery at a specific time. If the delivery should take place at a specific time-frame during the selected day, the suitable "Express-delivery" method (until 12:00, 10:00, 09:00 am) has to be choosen, which is guaranteed by the carrier.

What about the delivery adress in Germany?
We deliver to any adress in Germany. It is up to you, to decide, where you want the delivery to arrive. We recommend the adress of the accomodation (hotel, pension, etc.), where you stay during your visit in Germany. In most cases, a delivery directly to your exhibition-booth is also possible.

Here, we show you the most common address-forms:

For delivery to the accomodation (e.g. hotel):

1. Name of the guest (e.g. Mr. Michael Meier)
2. Company name
3. c/o + Name of the accomodation (e.g. c/o InterCity Frankfurt Airport)
4. Adress of the accomodation (e.g. Street, Postal Code, City)

For delivery to the exhibition-booth:

1. Name of the exhibitor (e.g. your company name)
2. Name of the trade fair (e.g. Cebit)
3. Hall (e.g. 6) and booth-no. (e.g. A7)
4. Person in charge incl. cellphone-number (e.g. your company`s booth-staff)
5. c/o "Exhibition carrier" (e.g. c/o Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Street, Postal Code, City)

It is up to the customer, to make sure, that the delivery-adress is correct/suitable. He has to make sure, that he or another person can receive the delivery (e.g. partner, hotel-staff, booth-staff etc.) at the selected day. Proserion assumes no liability, if the delivery fails (because of false/insufficient delivery address, delivery to the specified address is not possible, or other reasons).

Is it possible to ship to another country?

No, shipping to another country outside Germany is not possible, because of custom regulations.


How do I return the equipment?

There is a prepaid mailer included in your delivery. Please put in the equipment and return it to any DHL location, or simply put it in the next post box. DHL drop-off locations and post boxes (near you) can be found at www.dhl.de/en.html


What if I lost the postpaid packaging for returning?

Simply contact us for a new shipping label and use your own packaging. We will email you a new label for you to print out and tape to your package.


Ship to:


Kohlenweg 7a

32832 Augustdorf


5. Tariff

How much traffic do I need for E-Mail, surfing in the internet, watching films via internet, having a videoconference etc.?



Traffic approx.

1 hour active surfing

3-12 MB

1 hour (normal) E-Mail request

0,2-0,5 MB

1 hour online-radio

20 MB

1 hour online-TV


MP3-data download


Video-data download (feature-length)



As an example: With a 5 GB data-rate, you can either do 400-1700 hours active surfing, 250 hours listening online-radio, watching 22 hours online-TV, download 1.300 mp3-files, or download 7-8 video-files in feature-length.


How much data include the different products?

If you are renting a Fairstick/Fairbook "DELL" Plus/Fairphone Net Basic/Fairphone Net Plus, you get an inclusive volume of 5 gigabyte per rental period (4-28 days).

If you are renting a Fairrouter L/XL, you get an inclusive volume of 5 gigabyte (L) or 30 gigabyte (XL) per rental period (4-28 days).

6. Rental period


What about the rental period?

Rental time begins at the day, when equipment arrives. The rental time ends after the selected rental period. Example:

Arrival-day: Tuesday 20th June
Selected rental period: 1 week (7 days)
Return consignment: 26th June

Please note: Days of delivery are Monday-Saturday (except express delivery: Monday-Friday)!

7. Signal reception

Where can I check the availability of UMTS-Service in Germany?

On the Vodafone-Website, you can check the UMTS-coverage at your destination.

Can I use the internet service outside of Germany?
No, the internet service is only working within Germany. However, please note, that you will be responsible for any fees, if the equipment is used outside Germany!


How fast is the mobile internet connection?

The speed of connection is influenced by many factors, for example the distance to the next cell tower, if you are inside or outside buildings and so on. The fastest speeds are available in heavily populated areas, such as metropolitan areas, airports or trade fair locations. The maximal available bandwidth is 7,2 Mbit/s (Download) and 5,6 Mbit/s (Upload).




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